Veterans / Law Enforcement

We award the family of our fallen.

We award honorable veterans.

We award law enforcement officers for stopping the worst offenders.

Jacob Charles Kerr

Jacob was the youngest member in the history of our honor guard. He came in first and stood guard holding a salute during the entire services at the foot of the soldiers casket while every other member of our honor guard appeared and performed our duty. At the end of the services, we all surrounded the soldiers casket for a “final salute” where Jacob would slowly lower his salute with the entire team. Then we would all fall out in single file with Jacob being the last to exit.

Jacob was also responsible for placing the wreath and holding a salute for the entire services at the 911 memorial at Fort Knox that our honor guard had built with the crossbeams from the fallen World Trade Center and wall from burnt blocks from the Pentagon and with the names on marble of the soldiers who gave their lives since 911.

Jacob Charles Kerr founded “Shepherds of Mount Eden”.

Jacob brought love and joy into the lives of everyone he met.


Our German Shepherds are held to the highest standards. They are expected to be obedient in all situations. They are so bonded to people that they get the feel good response from human touch instead of adrenaline.

They know how to be an understanding friend.

Our training group is 118,000 strong. It provides 24 hour support and continued training.

Shepherds of Mount Eden

We are an IRS 501-c-3 Nonprofit organization that connects honorable United Stated Veterans and Law Enforcement with breeders that donate beautiful German Shepherd puppies and dogs for the veterans and law enforcement officers to use as support or service animals.. We have breeders and trainers that volunteer their services and time in many different states but we are based out of Mount Eden, Kentucky.

“Shepherds of Mount Eden” also awards German Shepherds to assist in the missions that the veterans wish to perform. For example, anything from search and rescue to companionship visiting various facilities.

We have awarded approximately 124 German Shepherds in the last 5 years. Founded by our late, Honorable Jacob Charles Kerr, to make sure veterans and law enforcement know that we appreciate them.

Next Steps…

Please send a message if you have a family of our fallen or an honorable veteran or law enforcement officer to nominate, or if you would like to join our group of breeders and trainers. Thank You!